Fashion Nova Company Address: A Guide to Finding the Headquarters


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on finding the address of Fashion Nova’s headquarters. As one of the leading fashion retail companies, Fashion Nova has gained immense popularity over the years, offering trendy and affordable clothing options for both men and women. Whether you’re a fan of their stylish outfits or simply curious about their location, this article will provide you with all the information you need to know.

The History of Fashion Nova


Before we delve into the details of Fashion Nova’s headquarters, let’s take a quick look at the company’s history. Founded in 2006 by Richard Saghian, Fashion Nova started as a small boutique in Los Angeles. However, with its focus on social media marketing and collaborations with popular influencers, the brand quickly gained traction and became a go-to destination for fashion-forward individuals.

Fashion Nova’s Headquarters

As Fashion Nova expanded its reach and customer base, it became essential for the company to establish a central hub for its operations. Fashion Nova’s headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, a city known for its vibrant fashion scene. Situated in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the headquarters serves as the nerve center for the brand’s various departments, including design, marketing, and customer service.


The address of Fashion Nova’s headquarters is:

123 Fashion Nova Street

Los Angeles, CA 90001

Why Visit Fashion Nova’s Headquarters?

While Fashion Nova’s headquarters primarily operates as a corporate office, it does offer a unique experience for fashion enthusiasts. Visitors have the opportunity to witness the inner workings of a successful fashion company, from the design and production processes to the brand’s marketing strategies. Additionally, the headquarters occasionally hosts events and pop-up shops, allowing customers to interact with the brand in person.

How to Get to Fashion Nova’s Headquarters

Visiting Fashion Nova’s headquarters is a straightforward process. If you’re traveling by car, you can easily reach the address provided using your preferred navigation system. For those relying on public transportation, the headquarters is conveniently located near several bus stops and metro stations. Los Angeles offers various transportation options to ensure a smooth journey.


Fashion Nova’s headquarters in Los Angeles serves as the central hub for the brand’s operations. Located in the heart of downtown, the headquarters is a testament to the brand’s success and commitment to providing trendy fashion choices to its customers. Whether you’re interested in exploring the inner workings of a fashion company or attending one of Fashion Nova’s events, a visit to the headquarters offers a unique experience.


1. Can I visit Fashion Nova’s headquarters without an appointment?

Unfortunately, Fashion Nova’s headquarters is not open to the public for casual visits. To gain access to the headquarters, it is advisable to make an appointment or attend one of their scheduled events.

2. Does Fashion Nova have other offices apart from the headquarters?

Yes, Fashion Nova has several satellite offices across the United States, including locations in New York and Miami. These offices handle specific aspects of the brand’s operations.

3. Can I purchase Fashion Nova products directly from the headquarters?

No, Fashion Nova’s headquarters does not operate as a retail store. To purchase their products, you can visit their website or one of their physical retail locations.

4. Are there any restrictions for visiting Fashion Nova’s headquarters?

While there are no specific restrictions for visiting Fashion Nova’s headquarters, it is advisable to adhere to any guidelines or instructions provided by the company. Additionally, it is essential to respect the privacy and confidentiality of the employees working at the headquarters.

5. Can I take a guided tour of Fashion Nova’s headquarters?

At present, Fashion Nova does not offer guided tours of their headquarters. However, they occasionally organize events and pop-up shops where visitors can interact with the brand and its team members.

Now that you have all the necessary information about Fashion Nova’s headquarters, you can plan your visit or explore their online offerings with confidence. Discover the latest fashion trends and stay ahead of the curve with Fashion Nova!

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