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Epiphone Hummingbird Artist Review. 5.0 out of 5 starsepiphone lt. 6 user reviews of hummingbird by epiphone.

epiphone hummingbird artist review
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A fresh new bone saddle, and a fresh new bone nut will transform your hummingbird into a completely different guitar and enhance the sound volume and tone, all three. Absolutely amazing guitar for the money (about the same or a bit more than your hummingbird artist).

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Aside from the headstock you’d think the epiphone would be a spitting image of the gibson, but it’s definitely not. But thats just my opinion.

Epiphone Hummingbird Artist Review

First off, their bodi
es, while both mahogany, are not quite the same size.
Found very rough edges on fret board that scratched fingers.Haven’t decided yet one way or the other, but that epiphone has definitely given me pause for thought.Hummingbird darth_bob i got a pretty darn good deal on mine, to be honest, and for the price range,.

Hummingbird is one of gibson`s most popular acoustic concepts with dreadnought body.I filed them down and not it plays like a dream.I have an 09 epi hummingbird artist i got from mf on clearance for $200 iirc.I have played both and was more impressed with the humminbirds sound.

I know this is really a low end guitar but i would have expected that epiphone would have addressed this issue.I perfer the warmer sound of the hummingbird with mahogany laminate back and sides.I purchased the expedite and the delivery was during the second business day.I recently bought a used epiphone hummingbird acoustic guitar in the heritage sunburst (cherry), and have just installed a set of gibson masterbilt premium phosphor bronze strings (11’s), along with a bone saddle and pins.

I sold mine after 7 months and bought an ibanez.I used amazon and the guitar shipped from musician’s friend.It does well for any style of play, strumming, picking or fingering.It has a nice fat bound neck.

It serves as my house guitar so i don’t have to get my gibson gospel out.Its 100% worth saving the extra 500 to buy a real hummingbird.One of those wired guitars that you can’t put down.Other new models include reissues of the crestwood, wilshire and coronet,.

The 25.5 scale mahogany neck is topped with a rosewood fingerboard that facilitates fast picking styles.The bracing is a bit heavier and the finish is thicker than needed, so it is not a resonant as a higher quality guitar.The epiphone hummingbird sounds lifeless.The guitars came as part of several new launches from epiphone.

The hummingbird was a little disappointing.the wood finish is great the sound is excellent.The limited edition hummingbird artist is a fully acoustic guitar and a pretty affordable one, too.The solid spruce top is very poor quality.The top on this guitar is definitely going to hump and cave after 5 or 6 years.

The wood grain is weak, indicative of very young trees.They just aren’t the same guitars i don’t think they take the same amount of time to build them and that’s y they’re cheaper.They’re so much better looking and sounding and resale is double what the artist or pros do.This guitar has d’addario strings, and the flowers are well imprinted on it so it won’t wear off with intense play.

This is a very poorly built guitar.This is the first time i’ve purchased a guitar on the internet.You presently have a plastic nut and saddle which is well know to restrict tone and vibration.

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