How To Wear A Yukata Male

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Put a front part of obi lower than the back for manly style. Kimono and yukata are often worn for different occasions.

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Compared to female yukata, wearing a male yukata is much simpler.

How to wear a yukata male. They will also wear zori or dress sandals. Welcome to our tutorial on how to wear a kimono or yukata!. How to wear a yukata (for men) slip both arms into the sleeves of yukata.

Let's transform yourself into smart and stylish guy! For females, tie the obi around your waist. A yukata is fine to wear for cherry blossom viewing, but a kimono is warmer because it is lined and made of silk.

Place your personal items like keys and money in a kimono bag or kinchaku pouch. Remember then that the centre of the back should not be off to the side! Yukata are sometimes worn in other seasons inside a ryokan or hot spring resort as they are usually given out to guests to wear, but they won’t be travelling outside!

The yukata is made up of the cotton robe, an obi (a belt) and geta (the shoes). Shift the knot of obi from the center of your back. You will be able to wear it confidently even if you are trying it for the first.

Align the center back seam with your backbone. When you wear something traditional, you should do it in a proper way. Bring the right side flap of yukata to the left, then left side to the right to fully cover the front of yukata.

Tie a waist cord around the waist holding yukata in shape. It's what my grandma who used to be a kimono tailor told me.|@isuniuniu they wear it for summer festival, but originally summer festivals are. Wear the yukata over the shoulders and straighten both panels.

How to wear kimono vs yukata. How to wear a yukata. Tie a second waist tie on top of the folded over upper part of the yukata, just like the first one.

Put on yukata with under garments on. It is made of cotton and worn mainly to festivals/matsuri, or relaxing in traditional inns/ryokan in the summer. However, it’s become fashionable to rock a yukata at summer festivals and other casual events.

One of the key points is the position of the obi belt, as the video explains. First up is the robe. My yukata didn’t come with anything extra like this so i just used a dressing gown tie.

Put on the yukata with undergarments worn below. In the past, this traditional japanese garment was typically only worn in private. But for very formal occasions like a weddings, they may rent an outfit (like western men rent tuxes) that would include a nagajuban.

Holding the collar of the yukata, hold together and adjust the senui to come to the centre of your back. Even if your legs are long, the obi belt shouldn’t be high position. Watch your collar and the length of remained obi.

Using yukata opening under the armpit, tuck in the left side so everything is lying neatly. You’re most likely to see japanese men wearing these. Yukata are commonly worn in the summer months to attend matsuri of fireworks or other summer festivals.

But the way foreigners wear it is mostly untidy. The very informal type is called yukata. First wrap the right side of the yukata around to your left hip.

Then wrap the left side over the right. Plus, no yukata in the daytime. Check the bottom of the yukata to make sure the lengths are even.

Since they are also easier to clean than silk kimono, you don’t need to wear any protective garments underneath them. However, that is not the case with yukatas. For male s, tie the obi around your hip.

When you wear a yukata, the key thing to remember is to wrap the left side over the right. Get obi (sash) and wrap around yukata. Yukata have far fewer components than kimono do, so they are easier to wear.

A yukata is essentially a casual kimono. You’ll see that on male yukata the sleeves are attached under the arms. Wrap the right uwamae over the body to the left side.

Kimono and yukata are traditional japanese garments, worn by both men and women throughout japan for various occasions. If someone is going sockless, chances are they’re wearing a yukata instead of a kimono. While the level of formality of an event will help dictate which type of garment is most appropriate to wear, the general process of properly putting one on is generally the same.

You wear the robe over your underwear and if you want an undershirt. In this case, leaving the sleeves long still gives it a feminine look. Moreover, tourists are provided with yukata in traditional japanese inns or ryokans when they stay on vacation.

Flatten down the yukata over your waist/dressing gown tie. Keep it in place with your hand and pick up your obi. Another option is to do without the ohashori and wear the yukata the same way a man would;

Holding the yukata closed, wrap the sash around yourself two to three times. In the past, some men liked to wear brighter fancier yukata patterns, dressing up with an ethos similar to dandies in europe. How to wear male yukata.

In this article, we will explain how to wear yukata typically worn by men. In ancient times, yukata was only used at home as bathing wear. Check the bottom to make sure the length are even.

This option is also a way to make extremely long sleeves. Bring one of the overlaps to the hip bone on the other side. A regular handbag will clash with a traditional kimono or yukata.

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